Attractive Restaurant Websites and The Best Inspiration Restaurant Websites


If you are interested in attractive design and lay-out, you can always visit the various types of restaurant websites that can be the source of inspiration. The websites usually contain lots of attractive pictures and images that are designed in the best management to attract visitors. These restaurant websites usually focus on the types of foods that they want to introduce and enhance, no matter what kind of lay out they are using – whether they use slideshow or full background.

The Best Inspiration Restaurant Websites

Why Visiting Them

Visual aspect plays important factors in introducing and developing things, company, business, and industry. When you go visiting a certain restaurant website, you certainly will be attracted to the attractive images that usually go along with the description, the steps, and the overall look. In fact, the visual element can be more powerful than other aspects, like sound or effect. The best websites are the one that combines great functionality and also visual. They are able to include images that are attractive laid out without doing it too much. They are also able to include fun explanations, easy step by step, and friendly tone and manner. You only need to choose the right site and make sure that it includes al the right aspect.

The Various Options

If you are interested in looking at the various kinds of restaurant web design, there are lots of different examples out there. Here are some choices that you can choose:

  • The TasteSpotting. When you visit this site, you can see various kinds of slides of foods with the images and also brief description of the food. When you click on a particular slide, you will be taken to the next page of where you can see the recipe and the process to make it.
  • The Ruby Tuesday. It is a perfect example of service catering and food service with great designs and lay-out. There are different section and areas of the service, such as the catering service and food offered, the clients’ feedback, the special offer, and the cookbook.
  • The Osaki. It is attractively displayed, especially with all the attractive images and short description of the foods. 
  • The Olive Garden. It usually uses complete texts with one or two images.
  • The Gibson Steakhouse, which is one of the most popular steak joints in Chicago, complete with the tasty images and also attractive offers.

You can see these sites and view the examples designs of the restaurant websites template and lay-out for your own site needs.


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